0x10.01 - Life-size test

The work of Pierre and the other electronics engineers at # freedomnia was progressing. The first implant prototypes had just been completed.

Victoria Borodinova @ pexels
Victoria Borodinova @ pexels

— "As it stands, we can't go any further," Pierre said to the rest of the team one evening.

Everyone knew what that meant. The team had done everything they could, had tested everything that was testable ... But now it took someone to dedicate themselves to testing the implant on themselves.

— "We've done all the tests we can, but we'll only really know if it works when someone wears the prototype," Pierre continued.

— Are you 100% sure of your prototype? asked Quentin.

— As secure as you can be with the data you have. We tried to remove everything we thought was suspicious ... The only changes we could do now would be on user feedback ... "

There was a big blank. Everyone was looking at Quentin and Nightowl. Of the small group present in the kitchen at the time, they were the only ones not fitted with the implant.

— "OK, it's okay, we'll test on me. I trust you guys, said Quentin.

— Are you sure ? Erin worried a little.

— Yes, Quentin replied. I have confidence in Pierre and everyone who participated in the project. And then, as a pioneer of # freedomnia, it’s normal that I’m the one to take the risk.

"I could do that too," Nightowl said.

— Yes, it is, said Quentin. But we don't have to do it both. Imagine there are complications from the operation? One of us must stay here.

— Yes, it is, but why would it be you who would take the risk, asked Nightowl.

— It's true that there is no reason, but if you don't mind, I want to. After working on the development of the Academy, I need to feel really useful and redeem my mistakes.

— You know you don't have to do this to be useful? You're already good here, with everything you've done, said Cherry. Besides, these are not your mistakes. You left as soon as you knew what the leaders had in mind.

— Yes I know. "

Nightowl and Cherry left with Pierre for the workshop. Erin stayed with the twins and Quentin.

— "Do you know what we have discovered in recent days about the implant? Alexis asked.

— No, Erin replied.

— Part of the API was found to relate to cryptography.

— Here, I wonder what it can be used for… said Quentin.

— Imagine, said Erin. What if we put all the brains of people in parallel to do crypto calculations. That would make crazy computing power! We could break some ciphers with that.

— Yeah, said Victor, or mine cryptocurrency. In any case, we don't really know what it was doing in there. For the moment, it has not been used either in the program on the PC, or in the code embedded in the implant ...

— By the way, brave to volunteer, Quentin! Alexis said.

— Bah. Someone has to do it. And besides, you too have an implant. You've been there.

— Yes, but we were not given a choice ... You, you deliberately chose to be the first tester. "

With that, the twins left Erin and Quentin.

— "I don't know how we're going to operate on you. We don't have what it takes here, Erin said. And we don't even have a surgeon ...

— Yes. We'll find a solution, don't worry.

— If I'm worried, and that's okay. Anyway, whatever the solution, # freedomnia will be without me by the time you have your surgery. No way I stay planted here, I want to go with you! "