0x10.03 - Return

Then Zara came running down the hall.

djedj @ pixabay
djedj @ pixabay

— "We have to get out of here ..." she said.

“What's going on,” Erin asked.

— It's the nurses. They've talked too much, and the fraud agency is going to fall on us anytime soon if we stay there.

— Is it that bad?

— I don’t know if you are familiar with politics, but Turkey has been trying to enter Europe for years. Even though it is sovereign over its borders, if the Turkish rulers find out why we are here, they risk using us as a bargaining chip to barter us for accession to Europe.

— To this extend ?

— Finally, we are not there yet ... There, it is just the fraud control organization that has been warned. They're coming to investigate, and they're bound to find out what we were doing here, if only the theme of the operation. And after that, it won't be long before it goes back to the Academy.

"So the best thing is to get out of the way," said Fahim.

— Aren't you going to have any problems? Erin asked.

— Don't worry about me, I'm not from here, I'll be leaving quickly. Besides, the clinic director has no interest in knowing who came to his hospital to do what. He's going to muddy the waters, say he didn't know, that he didn't know me before… I'm sure we won't come back to me… Well, if we're not here when they get there. So hurry up. "

Erin and Quentin loaded their things as quickly as possible, so as not to leave anything behind. They left the hospital through the front door, like any normal patient. Arriving in the parking lot, they passed several cars, with people on board all dressed in the same way ... They continued as if nothing had happened. After all, everything that was normal was less to be suspected… Glancing behind her, Erin saw that these people were unfolding, so as to cover the whole building. They returned to the hotel to tell # freedomnia of their return, and, after warmly thanking Zara and Fahim, set off again.