0x11.01 - Bad idea

While Quentin and Erin were away, Nightowl had contacted the press and governments. It seemed unlikely to #freedomnia that all members of European governments would be corrupt. They even thought that there should not be many people to know the project as a whole. So they had decided to try something there.

qimono @ pixabay
qimono @ pixabay

Nightowl hoped that I could find some decent people among the high places who could lend them a helping hand from within, and why not, one could always dream, undermine the foundations and funding of the Academy.

Unfortunately, #freedomnia was too idealistic. To their surprise, most of the parliamentarians they contacted were totally uninterested in the issue.

— "It disgusts me," said Nightowl, letting go of his keyboard. Another one who is only looking to have a little more money while promising as little as possible.

— No luck. In the end, did it work out? asked Quentin.

— No. I put a team on the spot, to do some profiling; using data found on the web, and finding better candidates before contacting them. But even by selecting them we still have the same answers. They don't want to take chances with their careers, they want the money to move a little finger, but either way, they won't help us as soon as we get a little wet.

— As if we had the money to grease their paws, added Cherry ...

— Yes, it would be rather the opposite, we are the ones who need the money ... added Nightowl. And then the others think we are anarchist pirates who just want to undermine authority ...

"Anyway, it's not convincing," Quentin summed up. Okay, we should stop wasting time with this.

— For me, we must continue a little longer, said Nightowl. We need support, if only financial, to be able to equip everyone with implants.

— OKAY. "