0x11.02 - On the string

Nightowl continued for a few days, then made a dumpling. She and her team contacted the wrong person.

manfredrichter @ pixabay
manfredrichter @ pixabay

A member of the Austrian government, who looked clean to them and seemed to be leaning in their favor, actually turned out to be one of the Academy’s prime contractors.

Thanks to him, the Academy had a chance to trace it back to them. This elected official had them dragged out for several days, so that they would come into regular contact with him, making them dangle a collaboration. In order to give time to track them. They had since lost a new fake HQ, and with a little patience, and by cross-checking the data, the Academy could find their trail. They therefore had to relocate.

However, morale remained good anyway, as Cherry ise, for her part, had had more success with the press. Very quickly censored, the articles she had made passed still managed to inflate the number of people ready to fight against the Academy.

Given the means at its disposal, the Academy would not take very long to find their traces. With the implants at their disposal, it was obvious that the Academy's students would find #freedomnia's virtual HQ shortly, then the actual location. We would come and flush them out and silence their channels of communication.

The #freedomnia members with a working implant were too few to be able to stem the future attack to come. We still had to flee. But before that, they decided to invite as many people as possible to meet them in their future HQ, which they would cut off from the internet while they were sufficiently equipped to resist a virtual attack from the Academy.