0x11.03 - Final preparations

They chose a remote location, close to the Moldovan-European border, for the new headquarters. On the Moldovan side, this avoided any direct interference from Europe, but made it possible to remain close when needed.

Skitterphoto @ pixabay
Skitterphoto @ pixabay

A Moldovan member of #freedomnia knew of a disused old hospital not far from a town that regularly served as a place for urban exploration. He had proposed it because the place, although heavily tagged and vandalized in some areas, was still in good condition and could easily be rehabilitated.

The location being chosen, the date of the cut from the network being announced, it was necessary to gradually dismantle what was in the HQ of #freedomnia.

Finally ... Cherry offered to leave some nice false leads, having to wander the Academy from false HQ to false HQ for a little while, thus allowing them to take the lead.

The members of #freedomnia present there, as well as Pierre and his electronics friends, gradually transported the equipment to Moldavia. They left early in the morning, so as not to be spotted, and returned late at night for the same reason. And little by little the premises were emptying. It made a weird impression, especially for those who had been there from the start.

Cherry, Erin, Victor and Alexis redoubled their efforts to win more people over to their cause. Nightowl and Quentin made sure their allies had all the information they needed to find them. That was the tricky part of it, staying discreet, but warning reliable people so they could join them.