0x11.04 - stalking

The attack came sooner than expected. #freedomnia didn't expect the Academy to find them so quickly. She ran into them one evening, while they were still making preparations.

TheDigitalArtist @ pixabay
TheDigitalArtist @ pixabay

Finally, virtually speaking. For Cherry, the attack took the form of an ambush of sorts, like snipers waiting in a corner with their sights. For Erin, it was more abstract. They were waves of energies that created a kind of force field, seeking to push it back and surround it. The two girls had difficulty reaching their starting point, hoping not to have left any traces of their passage.

— "It could only be the Academy, no doubt about it," said Cherry.

— You're right, Erin added.

— Couldn't it be something else? asked Quentin. A firewall, or something?

— No, said Cherry. It was too smart.

"And too focused," Erin added. I saw streams going through, and it was only me who was blocked. Besides, it tried to surround me ... And I can't imagine what would have happened if it had been successful. I couldn't have come back, and we don't know what it feels like, you know, to disconnect someone who's hooked up.

— "Well, you've taken too many risks, no more going back," said Quentin.

— But we had planned to leave the premises only at the end of the week…, said Cherry.

— And then, Nightowl and you, you still need some time to finish warning everyone. And since the Academy is now browsing the network, you run the risk of being discovered. You need us, said Erin.

— Yes, it's true. But you're going to be more at risk than we are. If we are discovered, at worst our PC is disconnected, the HQ is spotted, but we can be far by the time they get here. If you are noticed, you risk irreversible damage.

— We know it. And then in fact, we don't really know. If so, it's not that bad to get disconnected from inside the network, says Cherry. If we're careful and stick together, everything should be fine.

— It's what you want ? said Quentin at last.

— Yes, Erin said. It is important. We will stay there and hold out as long as possible.

— So we do it like that. You escort us, Nightowl and I, along the network, staying together. And if there is any suspicion about anything, you let us know, so that we can leave directly.

— OKAY. "