0x11.05 - Surprise

Despite the fear of encountering difficulties on the network again, they spent the last few days finalizing their departure.

Tama66 @ pixabay
Tama66 @ pixabay

The premises emptied, Pierre, Alexis and Victor, as well as Nightowl ended up leaving for Moldavia.

Tonight, Cherry, Quentin and Erin found themselves alone in the kitchen.

— "They were the last. It's just us left, Cherry said, glancing around the main room.

— Yes. Just enough time to finish setting up the false leads, and here we go, said Erin.

— It makes me very weird to leave here. We've spent so much time in this lately that it's funny to tell myself we're not coming back, said Quentin.

— Yes me too. But that's how it is. We can't just sit there, Erin replied.

— Yes, Quentin regretted. "

Cherry looked out the back door.

— "Were there any who had to come back?" she asked.

— No, why, asked Quentin.

— There's a car that just passed that stopped in front of the house.

— Don't move, said Erin. You shouldn't be spotted.

— Come over here, whispered Quentin. "

They made their way to the half-dilapidated room the twins used to experiment in. They looked over a piece of crumbling wall.

— "They are getting closer. I think they're looking for us, Erin said. Let's go from behind. "

They slipped between the crumbling stone walls and found themselves behind the house.

— "What do we do now," asked Cherry. We can't get the car from the hangar.

— Yes it's sure. Fortunately, we left everything and were about to leave. At least they won't find anything other than what we have been kind enough to leave them, said Quentin.

— “Come over here,” Erin said. "

And they went deeper into the countryside.