0x12.01 - Bad Luck ?

Erin, Cherry and Quentin weren't lucky. The likelihood of hitchhiking and running into someone who recognized them was really low. Especially since they had been careful ...

Engin_Akyurt @ pixabay
Engin_Akyurt @ pixabay

They had only hitchhiked on small, quiet roads. Only one appeared at a time. And when the vehicle stopped, the others came out of their hiding places.

Still, they were in trouble now.

They had met a person who had struck them as likeable. He hadn't particularly ticked when the other two got out of the bushes after the vehicle had stopped. They even hit it off for part of the trip.

This person had given them confidence, and they had relaxed their vigilance. So they didn't realize they were turning back. And by the time they saw that there was a problem, it was already too late ... They had been brought to the entrance of one of the Academy's depots.

They realized then that this person knew from the start who they were, and that he intended to leave them there for a bonus. Erin had tried to jump out of the door, the car moving, but within two seconds, the guards had caught her and she had just managed to hurt herself. Cherry had dozed off and saw nothing coming.

No one had spoken to them since. They had been locked in an office and were waiting there for someone to pick them up.

— "It can't end like that!" said Cherry. All that to get stuck here.

— Yes. It's pretty depressing, Quentin told him.

"If I catch this guy, he's going to have a bad quarter of an hour," Cherry said.

— At the same time, maybe he doesn't know what the Academy is. He only did what he thought was right, since we're supposed to be "dangerous criminals," Erin replied.

— Well, if I were told of fugitives, I would not bring them to a private company, but to the police.

— Maybe ... Well, the guy, he knew very well that it was not clear, otherwise, this is not where he would have brought us. He just sold us for money, Quentin added.

— Yes surely. But at the same time, knowing whether or not he had legitimate reasons for bringing us there won't help us out… "Erin replied, inspecting the door.

— "Don't bother. I already saw. They locked us in an electronically locked office. There's no lock, we can't get out of there, Quentin told him.

“What do we do then,” Erin asked. Are we stupidly waiting to be sent back there? Well, that's the best of times… I don't even know what they plan to do with us actually…

— I do not really know.

"You are very defeatist, Quentin," said Cherry.

— Yeah. I can't stand being locked up. And then, we have no material. We could try something on the closing system of the door, but we have nothing like gear. You don't even have a screwdriver to open the control panel, even though it had been on this side. And then the PC behind us looks like an old nail ...

“There must be something that can help us in this,” Erin said, pointing to the desk. They didn't empty it before locking us in. Maybe there can be something useful.

— OK, it costs nothing to try. Either way, there's nothing better to do, Quentin said at last. "