0x12.02 - Make everything go wrong ...

Quentin sat down behind the computer. It was an old thing, barely good at doing office stuff. But maybe he could use it for something.

Ben_Kerckx @ pixabay
Ben_Kerckx @ pixabay

Cherry and Erin opened the office cupboards one by one, listing the items they found there. They walked past everything, wondering if they could do something with it.

— "Is that what you wanted? Cherry asked, showing Quentin a screwdriver.

"It's already a start," he laughs. So try to see if you can unscrew something from the side of the door, or if you can unscrew it.

— OK. What about you?

— I think this PC is a waste of time, it's not even plugged into the network… What about you Erin?

— Me, apart from being in a girl's office ... I just came across a closet full of cosmetics ...

— Well, that's not going to be of much use to us, said Cherry. They know we're here, dressing up won't help. What is there?

— Make-up, nail polish, remover, make-up remover, hair bleach… ”

Quentin thought for five minutes.

— "Repeat that?

— Nail polish, remover, deodorant, bleach ...

— Yes that's it ! That gives me an idea ... Bring me the remover and bleach please ... And see if there are any cleaning products somewhere ...

— OK. "

Quentin began to disassemble the computer, once the fan was accessible, he placed a stuck coffee mug on the desk on it.

— "This is to keep it cool ..."

Then he mixed the remover and the bleach.

— "I don't know what it's like there, but I found a block of toilet descaler ...

— Give, and walk away. If my fan does not cool the mixture enough, it can be dangerous… ”

Cherry and Erin picked up the desk and got behind. Quentin approached his preparation to the door, hooked it as best he could on the handle.

— "And now, the moment of truth ..."

Using an improvised pole with hair clips, rubber bands and a broom, Quentin poured the contents of the bag into the cup. A few seconds later, a big explosion sounded and the door opened.

They took the opportunity to slip through the corridors and hide in a corner, a little further.

The explosion attracted quite a few people, leaving them free to pass. They went to the outside of the building, then to the back of the courtyard. The building was surrounded by a fence, but it was not electrified, so they passed under it and plunged into the forest.