0x12.03 - Arrival in moldova

Even though the experience had already turned out to be bad, they had no other way than hitchhiking to reach Moldova. They remained on their guard throughout, but encountered no further difficulties.

Tilgnerpictures @ pixabay
Tilgnerpictures @ pixabay

At HQ, we were concerned. It had taken Cherry, Erin and Quentin over a week to reach Moldova, and even longer to reach HQ. Not to mention their jaunt into the warehouse ... Nightowl was relieved when she saw them walk through the gate to HQ. It was located in the suburbs, near a fairly large city.

The place was very big, and not that run down, for an ex-squat. After the arrival of #freedomnia, part of it had been rehabilitated to make it livable and accommodate dormitories, bathrooms and kitchen. The works were still in progress… It was quite possible that the rehabilitation and the securing of the premises lasted all the time of their presence in the premises.

The electricity had been brought back to the hospital by the squatters. As for the network, they had done beige boxing and there were lines to connect to the net. But, for the moment, they had been decided that #freedomnia would not return to the net right away. Now that the Academy could send people with implants to the network, the likelihood of being discovered was high. As long as there were no other people with the implant, who would be able to hijack members of the Academy, it was no longer possible to connect to the internet ...

Still, they had established a computer room, in which #freedomnia members and those who had joined them continued to work on the implant. And above all, they had made an area for electronics. Because Pierre and his team needed space to start mass production of new implants.

Since we were in a former hospital, we found the old operating rooms. These hadn't been functional for a long time, and the hardware was gone, but a team was working with Fahim to see how to rehabilitate them so that they could be used. Things were taking shape.