0x12.04 - Discovery of the places

— "Hello Quentin. Glad to see you're okay, said Fahim.

giselaatje @ pixabay
giselaatje @ pixabay

— What a pleasant surprise to see you here, said Quentin.

— I figured that now that war was "officially" declared between you and the Academy, you were going to need reinforcements. So, I decided it was time for me to do more than support you from afar. I have decided to join you.

— That's great, Fahim, said Quentin, smiling and giving him a hug.

They entered the new HQ.

— "I took a few things in hand, and contacted a few friends, who will be arriving soon. Some of them are even already there, ”said Fahim, opening one of the doors. And the door opened into a room full of people, waiting for Quentin to arrive.

— "These are all my friends. They are surgeons, doctors, nurses. Everyone was convinced of the usefulness of what you are doing here, and volunteered to participate. "

Quentin was speechless.

— " What ? Said Fahim laughing. I thought to myself that, although smart and talented as they are, Erin, Cherry, Victor, Alexis and you couldn't be the only ones fighting for #freedomnia. Especially since from what I understand, you haven't tested your implant yet.

— Yes, said Quentin. Everything has happened so quickly over the past few days that I have not been able to test the implant. Above all, it was necessary to move #freedomnia. And then, we had some problems when we left the last HQ.

— Yes, that's what Nightowl told me. In short, they are all there to help. For the moment, we are in the process of listing and recovering all the equipment we will need to be able to operate and place the implants. But we are also there for small general concerns. With the world that there are here, you risk having sick people, accidents ... Especially since right now, all this bunch of geeks are doing manual work to restore the place ... And that's not really their favorite field, ”Fahim added with a laugh.

Quentin glanced around the room. The room was not yet officially the infirmary, but there were already people receiving treatment for various injuries. Surely the aftermath of the work ...

— "Thank you in any case Fahim. I don't know what we would do without you.

— Well, you would have found someone else ... Okay, I'll leave you. I have to go and see how the renovation of the operating rooms is progressing. "

Quentin found Nightowl a little further away. There were a lot of people converging on the HQ. Apparently, their appeal had paid off. Nightowl, a little idle at the base, because of the cut of the network, had taken in hand the stewardship and the reception of the new ones. She referred them to the various projects, according to their skills.

The newbies also met Alexis and Victor, who told them about the Academy, and their experience with the implant. Everyone was impatient to finally be able to have their own implant.