0x13.01 - Implant testing

Today Quentin was going to test his implant.

geralt @ pixabay
geralt @ pixabay

It had to be done sooner or later, and the sooner the better. In the presence of the girls to guide him on the technical part and Fahim for the medical part, nothing could go wrong.

And then there was a strong expectation from #freedomnia. As soon as the implant was tested, we could start making new ones and operating people. And the volunteers were counted in spades.

— "I wish you had a little more time," Erin said.

— Yes, me too, but you know like me that one cannot wait, said Quentin.

— If we wait too long, people will end up wondering why they came… And besides, that won't change anything.

— "Luckily, Victor and Alexis have put together a little workout program just for you," added Cherry.

Quentin looked at her questioningly.

— " What ? You didn't think you were going to go straight to the network anyway. Although totally isolated from the net and secure, it would still be super dangerous. First, you need to be able to move around the virtual world and use the implant perfectly. For the moment, you will do as we did, at the Academy, you will use your implant as a virtual reality interface. It will only be when you have fully mastered this, that the training program can be dispensed with and that you can take your first steps on the network.

— Yeah, that's how we did it too, Erin said. And that's not necessarily a bad idea. In the training program, you don't risk much. Your implant will only act as a virtual reality device, but a little more advanced. So, even in the event of an untimely disconnection, you will not risk anything.

— "At least in theory," Cherry tried ironically.

Erin and Quentin looked at her oddly. Cherry burst out laughing as she looked at their heads.

— "OK, OK, that was not funny. I was just trying to relax the atmosphere. Well, I have complete confidence in Pierre and his team. You know, Pierre wasn't selected for the Academy for nothing. He is extremely talented.

—"So let's get started," Quentin said simply.

His first practice session was successful. Already, the implant was responding well. That was what worried them the most. Then Quentin was very good at a lot of things, and this time he was again. He had no difficulty navigating the training program designed by Victor and Alexis.

— "You know, there are students who haven't even made it through the virtual environment on day one," Erin said.

— Yes, but I am more than motivated.

—"We're going to increase the difficulty," said Cherry.

We went on to the rest of the program. Different training rooms followed. There had been the one for learning to move, there was some with obstacle courses, for agility.

Quentin was progressing very quickly. This series of programs had taken a long time for the Academy's students ... At the same time, the Academy was not doing differentiated courses. We were advancing at the pace planned by the professor. And if the skill was already acquired, too bad for the student in advance.

Here, Quentin could move forward at his own pace. And since he was very good at computers, he quickly had the feeling to master the implant.

Finally, he arrived at the last room. Its principle was to go out through the roof. To fully master the implant, and consider being able to navigate directly through the network, we had to overcome the physical limitations and barriers our mind imposed on us.

He was so used to living with gravity that he automatically recreated it in the virtual environment.

Quentin encountered his first difficulty. After a while, he finally left the simulation, quite frustrated.

— "I would never be able to reach the top of the room," he said.

— Do not be so defeatist, this morning you had never used the implant before, and now you are depressed because it is not going fast enough.

— Yes, but, already, I do not have several months ahead of me. For the moment, there are four of you going on the network. As long as we only have four people in control of the implant, we will never be able to return to the network without getting caught.

— Not false. But say one thing too. You just showed that the implant we made works. Suddenly, all the volunteers will be able to have one. From now on, we'll be able to create lots of more, and have lots of other people training.

— Yes…

— Yes, but you would have liked to succeed? That's it ?

— Yes…

— You know, you don't have to prove anything. Everyone here knows how good you are. And then, it's only temporary, you have no reason not to succeed. You just need to free your mind.

— Easier said than done.

— Yes, and maybe that's why, in the end, that the Academy went slower in training sessions with the implant. Maybe so that by force, we are in the right state of mind ... Or, it's just balls ... And if a student goes faster, well too bad for him ... "

Erin thought for a moment. She added, laughing.

— "In fact, I would rather go for the second solution ..."

And they laughed together.

— "Frankly, Quentin. We still have time. Even if you had been successful today, we wouldn't have gone back to the network tomorrow. There are too few of us, and one more person doesn't change a thing.

"Yes, it is," he conceded a little reluctantly.

— Come on, let's go see Pierre, give him a feedback and bring him the data we collected while you were in the program. He's going to be able to take a look at it, and if everything looks okay, he and his team can start making more implants.

— Yes, said Cherry. I stop by Fahim and Zara, to find out if they need anything and to tell them that we may need their services soon.

— Good idea, said Quentin. Check out Nightowl on the way, so she can start selecting the first volunteers. The sooner we fill the ranks, the sooner we can be back on the network ...

— "And sooner, we'll be able to free everyone at the Academy," said Cherry.

There was a moment of hesitation. Everyone knew who Cherry was thinking ...

— "Cherry," said Quentin. I know you left someone there. But you must be aware that we still have a long way to go before we can free the people of the Academy. We have to shape the world, learn to release them on the network and also release them physically.

— Yes, it takes a lot of resources, whether in the virtual world or in the real world. But the goal is achievable, Erin continued.

— Absolutely ! And I assure you that this is the main goal of #freedomnia. Free all these young people, who asked for nothing, and who find themselves fighting unwittingly. But I just wish you didn't catch fire too quickly. We need you too much.

— Thank you friends, said Cherry. Okay, I'll go see Nightowl. "

Erin and Quentin were left alone.

— "She knows it will be long," said Erin. But she is brave and smart. She knows full well that if there are other things that need to be done before you can free Phyl, you have to do it, and rushing anything just might put us in danger, and him as well.

— Yes, but I didn't want her to delude herself. We are far from our objective. And Cherry tends to catch fire easily.

— Yes too. Anyway, we've taken a step forward today, said Erin enthusiastically.

— Yes, and I intend to do another one. Go on ! Turn the simulator back on, I'll get back to it a bit, meanwhile, go see Pierre.

— OK… In case of anything, you know you can stop the simulation from within at any time.

— "I intend to stop him by going through the small door upstairs," he replied, winking. Okay, come on, go, go see Pierre and the others, otherwise, I'm not going to want to let you go. "