0x13.02 - Training

After having to stop for the lunch break, Quentin returned to the simulator all afternoon.

geralt @pixabay
geralt @pixabay

At the end of the day, he ends up going through the top door. When he joined the others in the great room, Erin, Pierre, Nightowl, Cherry, Zara and Fahim were in great discussion. They had just planned the next steps. There were many more people than they had expected to volunteer to receive the implant.

Pierre's team would be quickly overwhelmed. Because, although quite a few now, the making of the implant was artisanal. They couldn't afford to manufacture it industrially. Within two weeks, there could be as many as 50 people with an implant. And at the end of the month, they could be around two hundred. It wasn't much compared to the seven thousand people the Academy and its professors represented, but it was already that.

They would soon be able to make appearances on the network again, this would allow them to remember the goodwill of their allies on the Internet, and to continue recruiting people. They were going to be able to create, for their part, their own Counter-Academy, with their ideals and their values.

The following weeks therefore passed quickly. The activity in the electronics lab was intense. Pierre made sure that everyone took rest, and kept the teams running regularly. After all, the slightest mistake in creating an implant could have dire consequences for the wearer. They had therefore set up integration tests, making it possible to validate each modification made.

The operating rooms were also at war. And Fahim also made sure that everyone was resting and relieving tension. Once again, their work was critical and it was important that it be done in the best possible conditions.

The twins' training program was paying off. The first people equipped were already released on the internal network. And # freedomnia had just considered reopening. They had used the same technique as last time to cover their tracks. Thanks to their return to the scene, they had been able to start recruiting people again, and little by little new volunteers were taking their plane tickets to Moldova.

And the other members, who were unwilling to make the trip, supported them in another way. Most of the time, logistics, by sending them materials, or by making donations, allowing them to buy the raw materials necessary to support this little world.

#Freedomnia would have to take action soon, as all this turmoil in Moldova was going to attract attention eventually.

But it was not yet clear what would happen if someone didn't return to their base before being disconnected. No one really wanted to experiment to find out. If they came across members of the Academy while going on the network, it might turn out badly.