0x13.03 - The project takes life

— "I don't think you imagined that when you created #freedomnia," Erin said to Quentin.

josephredfield @ pixabay
josephredfield @ pixabay

— No, it does. For me #freedomnia was just a way to release my conscience from that feeling of having been part of a shameful project, to apologize for everything I had brought to the project before realizing the implications and dare to leave, said Quentin.

— And now ?

— And now it's a huge project, with a lot of people involved and believing in what they're doing.

— And…, said Erin.

— And that's a little scary. I'm a little afraid to risk these people's lives and just want to send them home.

— Quentin, you don't force their hand. They all know why they are here. And then, you put too much importance on yourself. If you left tomorrow, others would take over. And the movement would not die with your departure. "

Quentin hugged Erin tenderly.

— " Thank you for being here.

— But there's nothing. And besides, I too am here thanks to you. "