0x14.01 - Observation

The days passed. They were now about a hundred who had been trained.

Skitterphoto @ pixabay
Skitterphoto @ pixabay

Once familiar with the implant, warned about the risks that existed on the net, the volunteers were divided into small groups.

They were going to have to familiarize themselves with the immense network that formed the Internet and be able to find their way around in order to find their home base and be able to disconnect. They also had to learn discretion.

Once the volunteers were familiar, the next step was to locate the Academy. It was much harder and more stressful than anything that had been done so far.

#freedomnia was not afraid to run into the various firewalls that blocked entry to the Academy, what they were afraid of was meeting the students themselves.

And then everyone dreaded the day when one of them couldn't make it to the starting point. So the watchword for the moment was to watch and stay as quiet as possible.