0x14.02 - Action plan

After many days of research, the virtual path to the Academy was discovered. Finally, it was mostly an area of the net, where a higher percentage of Academy students had been spotted than elsewhere. This suggested that the Academy was located there.

chiaoyinanita @ pixabay
chiaoyinanita @ pixabay

It wasn't going to be easy to get in ...

— "It's pretty depressing. There are so few of us, and there are so many of them, says Cherry.

— Even going as fast as possible, Pierre and his team will not be able to provide us with more than double the number of implants than we already have before next month. And then it will take Fahim and his people to pose them, there will be the period of convalescence and adaptation, and then the training given by Victor and Alexis. Only then will they be operational, Erin added.

— Yes, but I prefer that we take our time and be ready, said Quentin.

— Yes, it is, said Nightowl. But if we wait too long, they might find our location on the network and IRL 1

The discussion went on for a while. With every argument for a quick attack on the Academy, came an argument against. And in the end, we were no further ahead.

— "What if we could industrialize the creation of the implant? Cherry asked. What is it? This is what blocks us the most.

— Yes, but what do you have in mind? said Nightowl.

— I do not really know. Maybe we could partner with a local electronics industry?

— That would be a little spotty… We can't just go out and ask for five hundred copies of the implant.

— Yes, only one company would ask questions… confirmed Quentin.

— Only one yes, but thousands, each of which would have a single order, like an order for a prototype, or a single part of the board, which would end up being put together here by Peter and the others. It could, Erin said.

— Yes, that's right, said Nightowl, but we're getting that delivered here? The five thousand chips? The problem is the same.

— And if we had delivered to everyone in the region. We order with the name and address of people living in the area. We check when it's delivered, and arrange to get the package from the mailbox before the person, Erin explained.

— "In principle, it is doable," Quentin said. On the other hand, we need crazy logistics.

— Good thing, we have a lot of people here asking for help and twiddling their thumbs right now while waiting for their implant. We make teams who order the gear, others who follow the packages, teams who follow the deliveries and collect them. In no time, we should be able to recover a good quantity of implants.

— You're right. Okay, there's more to it. Said Quentin.

They put people on the spot. After contacting a number of electronics companies around the world, parts of the implant were ordered, and were assembled at HQ. To speed things up, members of #freedomnia connected to the network with their implant, to change the order of orders with manufacturers and have their orders manufactured as a priority. Another team took care of tracking the delivery of the packages in real time. And when they arrived at their delivery center, a group would take care of tracking deliveries and receiving packages, arranging to open mailboxes and retrieve contents before the owners arrived.

After two weeks, they had collected enough implants to be able to equip more people than they would have been able to do in two months. They now spent most of their time finishing the assembly.

— "It's cool, the numbers are swelling," said Cherry,

— That was a great idea. Now we're going to have to come up with a plan of attack… said Nightowl.

— Any ideas ? Erin replied. I don't really know. There are still too few of us. And then, even in the event of small skirmishes, it remains dangerous ...

— Has anyone noticed, while on the network, some kind of cable that follows the people of the Academy? Person ? said Cherry.

— What cable? said Nightowl.

— It could be anything for us, since we don't have the same representation of the virtual world, said Quentin.

— At home, it looks like a kind of cable. I saw that he systematically followed the people of the Academy. At first, I thought maybe it was something that allowed them to find their way back. But actually, I'm not sure ... It's a little too simple. The members of the Academy are not so stupid that they cannot find their way back ... "

The group thinks for a moment.

— "What if this cable was due to the control routine?" Erin said.

— Yes, possible, agreed Quentin.

— The Academy has to keep control of them, even once on the network. And suddenly, what You see, it might just be the famous control software.

— That would mean that without cables, the Academy does not control them any more… Completed Cherry.

— In this case, let's break all the cables that we see! said Quentin. Finally, whatever the representation we have of it.

— Not so fast, said Nightowl. Already, we're not even sure that's it. Besides, if we release a student under control, what is he going to do there on his own?

— Oh yes, Quentin replied. We can't just cut the cables and go… It would be like condemning them. They will end up at the Academy, being the only ones released, and not even knowing what they were doing and why. "

After much debate on the matter, it was decided that an attempt would be made to cut the cables anyway, but that the students would be contacted directly afterwards. If only to explain to them what's going on. And that it would be done in a large-scale action.

Once released, the students would be free to act within an academy that did not envision the attack coming from within. But they would quickly risk being exposed and they were still physically locked there ...

Allies in the place, that would be really handy. It would reduce the imbalance a bit to be so few in number. The members of #freedomnia would disperse over the network, in small groups, and like guerrillas, were to attempt small scuffles on the Academy groups encountered, in order to occupy and isolate them.

A second group, left behind, was to tackle the cables. This should then make it possible to communicate with the students afterwards. And it was quite conceivable that they would support the cause of #freedomnia after being bullied and deprived of their liberty for the past few months.

However, this first phase of the plan was not to last too long. Half a day at most. The release of the Academy's students was to follow quickly, so that the released students would not be discovered.

They would also virtually attack the Academy, as the attack had to be carried out on every possible front. The attack had several roles. The main thing was to create a diversion. But if that worked out better than expected, the attackers might try to gain as far as possible into the Academy's network, and why not, take control of it.

The second role of this attack was to create enough diversion to allow the group of students inside the Academy to sneak away. They could then turn off as many generators as possible, in order to restore circulation between the interior and exterior of the Academy.

Some #freedomnia members would come and wait outside. If the barrier fell, it would allow access to the premises, and from there, access to the server rooms and free the students, directly, via the machines of the Academy.

Once the students were released, the Academy's forces would be reduced to nothing. Then it would be time for #freedomnia to stem the panic and explain to people what had happened.

Well, in theory. Everything depended on the liberation and cooperation of the students. It was a risky bet, but they had no better plan.

The teams were made. The hundreds of members who received the implant and trained volunteered for the virtual attack. Cherry, Erin and Quentin would be part of this group.

Initially, Cherry wanted to be part of the group that would travel to the Academy. But upon reflection, she realized that she would be much more useful if she participated in the virtual attack. Her implant habit and skills would be sorely lacking if she did not participate.

Nightowl would travel to the Academy to coordinate the action.

Fahim had decided to leave with Nightowl, in case there were any injuries. But Zara had decided to stay with a small team in the premises of #freedomnia. If people were disconnected, it would take people to manage ...

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