0x15.01 - To storm

The long awaited and dreaded day had arrived. Thanks to Cherry's observation, they were able to come up with a plan.

Prettysleepy1 @ pixabay
Prettysleepy1 @ pixabay

It was all assumed that cutting the cable that connected the students to the Academy would free them and allow allies in the place.

Everyone was ready. As expected, the members of #freedomnia had been split into several groups.

First, there were those who were going to go on the network, including Quentin, Cherry, and Erin. Their main role was to free as many students as possible from the testing routine.

The second team, also on the network, had to protect #freedomnia. Their role was no less important than that of the first team. They had to make sure that the Academy could not gain access to their headquarters. If the Academy came along and managed to cut them off, the consequences would be disastrous for those still online. This team, distributed at the level of all the fake HQs of #freedomnia, included Victor and Alexis.

A third team, including Nightowl and Pierre had left there. They would communicate with Zara, who remained at the HQ for the link between the different teams. The Nightowl and Pierre team had to enter the premises of the Academy once the barrier was open, manage the panic movements that there might be among the students, but also, turn off the main Academy server on which was running the checkout routine.

Finally, Fahim had split his medical team in two. Some would remain at HQ, in case, another, which he was part of, had left with Nightowl.

The tension was at its height. Everyone who remained at HQ awaited Zara's signal, attesting that Nightowl and the others had deployed around the Academy. When she motioned to Quentin, he spoke.

— "I wanted to thank you all for being here," said Quentin. When I created #freedomnia, I was just a poor idiot who had been manipulated by the lure of money and fame of a prestigious position in the Union's elite. European. "

He paused.

— "Now I'm still an idiot, but I know I'm fighting for a good cause, and not just for myself." And that makes all the difference. All of you here are showing me how just this cause is. "

He paused again ...

— "Now everyone knows what to do. To your places ! We need to provide a sufficiently large diversion. And above all, take care of yourself! "

Erin, Cherry, and Quentin walked over to their computers and logged into the network with decided steps. Alexis and Victor followed them. The others did the same.

Once on the network, everyone breaks into small groups. It was easier to communicate and feel the presence of people you used to be around and trained with. Suddenly, Erin, Quentin and Cherry formed a small squad between them. Victor and Alexis formed another. They were only two in theirs, but anyway, no one would have managed to fit into their group because the symbiosis between them was so strong.

The Academy's approach went off without a hitch. The Academy, having no reason to be overly concerned, was not very active on the network.

And the first skirmish went well. Arriving near where they thought the Academy's network was located, Erin, Cherry, and Quentin encountered the first students.

They chose a small patrol a little apart. Cherry and Erin attacked head-on. Finally, the term attack might not have been the correct one, but it was the closest match to what was happening on the network. The girls beat the small group of students, who were quick to retaliate.

'' Meanwhile, Quentin had slipped into the back, and got down to severing ties. Which he did quite quickly.

The blows stopped. The students, released, were a little lost. Erin and Cherry did their best to send them soothing messages.

Then, in a flash, they showed them the Academy, the implants, the students, all lined up on their workstations ... The goal was to make them understand that the implant had possessed them. The images then showed the generators and how to deactivate them, followed by a revolution in the premises of the Academy. The ambient color changed. The students seemed to have understood what was wanted of them and left for the Academy.