0x15.05 - On Academy's side

Nightowl was stamping impatiently. She had sent people all around the Academy to detect a breach in the electrified barrier.

ptra @pixabay
ptra @pixabay

There was only hope that the released students understood the message and succeeded in disabling the transmitters.

— "Why is nothing happening," she whispered.

She knew that with every passing minute, every second, Quentin and the others were risking their lives in the virtual world to give them a chance to enter the Academy.

The wait was interrupted by a beep on his radio.

— "HQ two fell, I repeat, HQ two fell," said a voice over the radio.

— "Are there any losses?" she asked,

— Not to our knowledge. "

— "This is it, we have a breach here," someone shouted suddenly.

— Go on! Let's go ! replied Nightowl. "

She picked up her radio again.

— "The square is open. The action begins on our side! "

According to the plan, the members distributed at this point of the breach divided into small groups.

Some would turn off the other nearby generators, making it easier for members still stranded, others, led by Peter, to coordinate the released students. A final group, led by Nightowl was to infiltrate the buildings.

Pierre walked towards the domes, in order to secure them, to avoid panic movements.

With his small group, Nightowl headed straight for the main building. He didn't worry about the guards there. She wanted to save as many people as possible from those who had volunteered for the virtual attack. She would do whatever it took to get rid of it.

Alarms were ringing all over the Academy grounds, there were guards all over the place. But, not expecting a direct attack, they were few in number and very disorganized.

A bullet fired near Nightowl and hit one of his companions. The Academy wasn't kidding. Nightowl leaps behind a low wall. Members of #freedomnia dragged the unfortunate man to safety, then some escorted him to Fahim, who was left behind.

Nightowl's advance was blocked by fire from guards in the main building. She slipped through the balls and shrubs and turned the corner of the building.