0x15.06 - Inside

After separating from the rest of the group, she went more unnoticed. She managed to open a window, she climbed inside. Nobody ... how lucky ...

Till F. Teenck @wikipedia
Till F. Teenck @wikipedia

It was an office. She cautiously opened the door, and navigated the building for a moment, a little lost. Even though she had studied the plan Erin had brought back, she couldn't find her bearings. She ends up coming face to face with Lukasz Kowalczyk.

— "Are you looking for something, miss?" he said to him. Are you causing all this trouble? "

Nightowl turned to run away, but fell into Wyatt Garceau's arms.

— "Not so fast, mademoiselle," he said. Aren't you planning on leaving now? You're going to calmly explain to us what you're doing here, and you're going to calm your people down. Otherwise, it would be a shame if something happened to you ... "

No matter how hard Nightowl struggled, Mr. Garceau was stronger than her. He was leading her towards the office where she had arrived. M. Kowalczyk entered, then M. Garceau made her enter in front of him and followed.

— "Now you are clearly going to speak on the microphone, and tell them to stop right now," said Mr. Garceau.

— Already, these are not my people, they will do what they want. Besides, I would never ask them that, replied Nightowl.

"We'll see," said Mr. Garceau, twisting Nightowl's arm.

"Forget it, Wyatt," Lukasz Kowalczyk said. I think she's telling the truth. Even if she told them to stop, they would just do what they wanted. They’re just a bunch of anarchists.

— And what do we do with her?

— We'll put her in the fridge, and cook her when everything's sorted out, maybe she'll give us some useful information.

— Don't count on it! shouted Nightowl.

— "I wouldn't say that," replied him. Garceau with an evil look. Come on, go ahead, we'll take you down to the basement. Before we come and get you there ... "