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In the main Academy building, Nightowl, tied up by Mr. Garceau, walked slowly towards the stairs leading to the basement. She had hoped to reach the server room, but not like this ...

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heladodementa @ pixabay

As they turned down the hall, Nightowl heard a thud, then Mr. Garceau collapsed. She turned to find herself face to face with Pierre, quite happy.

— "You still didn't think I was going to let you risk yourself in these premises. As soon as calm returned to the domes and I saw that the others were managing, I slipped away. I was walking down the halls when I heard some noise around here ... You can't know how much I wanted to do this, he said, pointing to Mr. Garceau on the ground. " He untied Nightowl.

— "Be careful, he was not alone," cried Nightowl. "

Pierre had not seen that Mr. Kowalczyk was following them. But this one, far from being brave, fled to a nearby office.

— "He's going to sound the alarm," Nightowl said. We must catch up with him.

— No. Help others first! And by the time he finds his guards and they come back, we'll be far away, Peter replied. Come on, come on, I know where the server rooms are.

"And him," she asked, pointing to M. Garceau.

— Leave him, he's not worth looking into. "

Pierre and Nightowl went down to the basement.

— "There it is" ... he said.

Nightowl hesitated.

— "I don't really know… If I unplug everything… What if that disconnected the students from the network ?! What if it left them with irreversible consequences… What if it had an influence on those of #freedomnia who are fighting here, on Quentin, on Erin, she said.

"According to the documents we have, this server is only used to monitor the students," Pierre replied. You read them like me.

— Yes, but these are documents from a few months ago, when Erin was still there ...

— And you think that has changed?

— I do not know…

— Basically, either we spend the next half hour, or even more, hacking this server, to stop it properly, at the risk of losing people on the network, to the blows of the Academy, and seeing guards who will not be nice, either we unplug it there now right away, at the risk of losing other people if the specs have been changed ...

— Seen like that, replied Nightowl ...

— Personally, I think you are asking yourself too many questions and the Academy had no reason to change its configuration. But if it did, I'd rather lose students than my friends at #freedomnia. After all, when Erin sought help among the students, only five of us answered her call ... "

And Pierre pulled on the power cable. The sound of the fan was heard to stop.

— "And now, what do we do?" said Nightowl.

"Now we go back up and improvise," replied Pierre.