0x15.0a - Unplugged

On the network, suddenly, it was dead calm. The rage of the fighting now left perplexity. Erin and Cherry returned to the students, making them understand to return to their starting point.

Freephoto @pixabay
Freephoto @pixabay

After a moment that seemed like an eternity, and as they walked back up the stream of lost students on the network, Erin and Cherry eventually regained virtual access to the Academy, then back to HQ.

Zara was very busy at the other end of the room. Erin headed there. She regularly checked the signals of members connected to the network, using an encephalogram. Those who had been abruptly disconnected were in a sort of coma. Zara had brought them to beds at the back of the room, where medical teams were taking care of them.

And there were many. Erin looked around for Quentin. He was not in that part of the room. She felt ashamed to feel relieved, when so many young people from # freedomnia were lying there.

She redirected herself to the PCs. Indeed, Quentin was still at his post, and his encephalogram showed regular activity. But yet, he did not disconnect ...

The minutes passed. Cherry joins Erin to support her. They stared intently at Quentin's still body, as well as his vital sensors. Zara approached.

— "Keep hope, Erin. He doesn't look like he's been disconnected, ”she told him.

Alexis and Victor approached. They hugged Erin and were patient with her.

— "Cherry , you should jump in a car and go to the Academy," Alexis said. I'm sure there's someone you're dying to see again there. We stay here with Erin, we'll take care of the wounded and take the time to get together for a bit, now that there is no more urgency. "

Erin automatically followed the twins. You had to worry, think of something else. Quentin was on the network, he wasn't one of those people lying in a coma, he still had a chance to come back.

But the more time passed, the more Erin became demoralized. She assisted Zara in the care she provided. And came back to the computers regularly, to make sure those still connected to the network were okay.

Little by little, new people were disconnecting. The number of #freedomnia members still logged in was shrinking, but Quentin was still a part of it.