0x16.01 - Epilogue

The #freedomnia HQ in the little more disused Moldovan hospital was teeming with life. In one corner, Cherry, Erin, Quentin, Phyl, Zara, Fahim and the others, were conversing quietly.

NickyPe @ pixabay
NickyPe @ pixabay

— "What are we going to do now? I've spent so much time waiting for this moment that I feel a little idle, says Quentin.

— It's not over, replied Nightowl, we still don't know who is behind this. Besides, Mr. Kowalczyk's trace was not found until the army landed.

— Nor of M. Garceau. It was the real chaos then, Phyl said, hugging Cherry.

— Yes, Erin replied. But since the students were free, there was little they could do to regain control ... They couldn't order the military to slaughter 7,000 defenseless students.

— “What worries me is we couldn't stay until the end,” Erin said. So it's not clear what happened to most of the students. Were they able to return home?

— Yes, it's still a blur, replied Nightowl, but #freedomnia is working on it right now. Before we had to flee from the army, we managed to recover the student database. At the moment, they are being sought to find out if they have returned home safe and sound.

— "And also," Quentin added, to make sure the Academy didn't get their hands on them.

— Have you heard from Fabien, in the middle of the lot? said Cherry. I have a small score to settle with him.

— No, no news, said Quentin.

— "After all, we don't care," said Phyl. Personally, I didn't want to see the evil there, I would be in a bad position to blame it.

— “You’re different,” Erin told him. You've always been fair. You didn't try to betray us.

— Yes, but if I had trusted you ... I should have gone with you, instead of putting obstacles in your way.

— You couldn't… Finally, what's done is done, said Cherry. I am of the opinion to forget all that and to try to return to a normal life.

— I'm sorry to contradict you, said Nightowl, but I think normal life is not for us, not for tomorrow. Just because the academy students were released did not mean that the brains of the operation were shut down. Mr Kowalczyk was just a pawn. We still don't know who pulled the strings.

— Yes, and as our description is known, it would be dangerous to simply come back to us, added Quentin. I remind you that they did not hesitate to silence some of my colleagues. The closure of the Academy only slows down their plans.

— Especially since the premises are still in their hands… added Alexis.

— The locals, yes, but without the students. Besides, the press got hold of the matter, aren't people going to let it go anyway? The scandal will come to light! said Cherry.

— "He'll be suffocated quickly," said Victor. They're going to blow up a few puppets, and when public opinion calms down, they can start their tests again from where they left off. We just freed these students, but we didn't make the most important thing, the implant planes, disappear ...

— So the fight continues? said Cherry.

— Yes, the fight continues. Not to mention that there are still all these people who gave their all to save these young people from the Academy, and who are still in a coma, Quentin added, looking to the back of the room.

— From what I understand, their minds are still wandering the network. These are just empty bodies, with no spirit inside ... We managed to find some of them and get them back into their bodies. Once the body is reintegrated, it takes a long time to restart, but they should not have any after-effects. We're going to need just enough patience to find them all, if we can…, said Fahim. Teams of volunteers are currently crisscrossing the network.

— “So everything's fine,” Erin said.

— Yes, everything is fine, replied Quentin. But the authorities who asked for all this are still there. And as long as they're there, #freedomnia will be ready. "