Spoiler: Experts in computer security, we created the website of the arsouyes in 2006 to share our knowledge, findings ans thoughts.

Les arsouyes

Passionate and self-taught, we learned about computer science in middle school, programming in high school and computer security in university. In 2006, in parallel with our studies, we created the arsouyes website where we distribute technical articles on computer security.

We then entered the private sector where, for 10 years, we held positions in IT security: developers, evaluators, auditors and CISOs. These enriching experiences, and the birth of our children, push us away in spite of ourselves from our website and from the sharing of knowledge.

To reconnect with our values, we are integrating the list of judicial experts from the Grenoble court of appeal in 2015, then that of Montpellier in 2017, thus putting our skills at the service of justice. Continuing our approach, we resuscitate the arsouyes website and conduct courses and conferences for large schools.

In 2018, we left our salaried activities and turned to entrepreneurship. Today, we seek to make a living from our passions in accordance with our values of mutual aid and sharing.

What do we offer?

Learning resources

After taking several forms, the arsouyes site has converged to a blog. The posts we write can be divided into two forms:

  1. Articles which deal in depth with subjects relating to IT and security in the broad sense.
  2. Tutorials that show by example how to solve common or more specific problems on these same topics.

! Do you appreciate our work? You can contribute to the site.

In the real world, we work also for large schools in teaching modules, conferences, seminars and close to journalists.

Consulting & audit

Are you a company or an association, have you understood the interest of computer security for your activity but do not have the necessary internal resources? We can also assist you in these areas.

! Need halp hand in safety by professionals without the hassle? contact us.

Judicial expertise

We are also registered on the list of judicial experts of the Montpellier Court of Appeal in categories related to IT.

When entrusted to us by magistrates, our missions fall into two main categories:

Apart from these missions, we can support you during your appraisals. Whether it is during contradictory meetings or for the drafting of statements to experts.

! If you need our services, advice or assistance, you can contact us.


As this site is also our virtual space, we also publish more personal projects on more varied themes.

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