Ultimate Database of All Passwords

Spoiler: Result of intense research by the arsouyes, here is finally the search engine for leaked passwords that we have all been waiting for.

To steal your digital identity, most hackers just try usernames and passwords until a combination works. In order to reduce their attempts, these pirates use already known usernames and passwords from user databases that have been stolen and then resold in the dark web 😱.

To protect your digital identity, and as advised by NIST, it is advisable to check that your passwords are not part of these stolen password databases:

[…] Verifiers SHALL compare the [password] against a list that contains values known to be […] compromised.

NIST Special Publication 800-63B, Digital Identity Guidelines

But it is still very complicated to implement. First, you have to get these famous lists in the dark web which are by definition hidden. Then, you have to integrate these databases in sometimes exotic formats into your software. Finally, how do you manage updates quickly?

To solve these three problems, the arsouyes offer you real-time access to their database through a standardized API!

The result of intense research and environmentally friendly web algorithms, our database is both the most complete and the most accurate ever published in cyberspace.

Restful API

For a seamless and real-time integration with your production tools, we have made available a Resfull JSON access point at this address:


Compatible with all the tools on the market, you can perform your requests very simply. Here is an example with curl:

curl -X POST -d '{"password": "azerty123"}' http://www.arsouyes.org/blog/2023/2023-04-01_Password_Database/api/

Once the search is done, our web service returns the response to you in JSON as follows:

  "result" : {
    "found" : true

A query with a password unknown to our databases provided a similar response:

  "result" : {
    "found" : false


In order to allow access to as many people as possible while sustaining the service, we have opted for a freemium subscription; free for individuals, paid for professionals.

Free Gold Platinium
Target Individuals Companies Professionnals
Quotas 10 / month 10 / day 10 / hour
Support ✔ (email) ✔ (phone)
Real-Time search
On premise
Price / month 0,00 € HT 13,37 € HT 1337,00 € HT

Test inline

To give you an overview of the capabilities of our engine (and improve the management of your passwords), here is a form to test them directly.

Your Password :

Found !

Your password has been leaked on the internet.

You should change it immediately!

In detail, it is you who have just done it by sending it to us and thus allowing us to build our database… Thank you 😉.

Disclaimer: If you didn’t realize it from the post date, this information is April Fools. Keep calm, we did not collect your password because we designed the form so that it does not send us any data (the message is always the same).

Back to the form.

And after

To prevent your passwords from ending up in a hacked database and being used against you, the solution is simple: use a different and random password for each application.

If you find the implementation complex; keep calm ; we too ! This is what password managers are designed for. If you don’t know which one to choose, we recommend keepass.

And most importantly, do not enter your passwords anywhere other than the legitimate application on which it is supposed to authenticate you. Including so-called online search engines that log everything.

Except here of course.