CSS and identity

The main problem with computers is that we have a tendendy to concentrate on technical problems without dealing with human aspects. It was in this spirit I saw that making a CSS file, technically no issue there, has a greater impact than expected.

Because psychologically, your website’s CSS is the interface with your external identity. It’s the way your public is seeing you. How your public ears you somehow. First consequence, if you publish your content on some common platform, the platform will be your voice and the public might never see you (that’s the platform’s aim). Second consequence for the readers, because everything resemble (even their own content), it’s more difficult to see the difference between “me” and “they”.

I don’t know if there are some gemini’s users amongst you but they also have that problem. More than other indeed because the protocol forbit explicitely any styling instructions and uses the same style for all publications (for the public, everything is identical).

If the subject interreste you, all the details are in my article [1].

  1. https://www.arsouyes.org/articles/2023/2023-08-07_CSS_and_personnality/