Robots can not counts

After having spend some time to think about it, we eventually took time to cleanup our [marvelous] website. Amongst other things:

Appeareance at TF1: Charles Diwo have asked Aryliin about domestics robots (most about vacum cleaners). To make it simple: change the default password and if it takes videos (yes, they take videos of your everyday life) and those are sent to the manufacturer, your privacy depends on the manufacturer (hint: for him, this is only a costs).


If your are wondering why they takes videos, it only venal. With the camera, the robot can make a map of your home and identify your furnitures and objects (and how they are arranged, if they are used, if they disapears, …). Any economic player could sell its soul for those datas if it wasn’t already in the devil’s hand.

And since we are speaking about manipulations…

France Inter: after the publication of a global rank of worst secured countries (wherein France took the fourth place, 🎉️), they ask if it was really the case and we reassure them: it only marketing bullshit to create fear, reactions and sell their products. The only information here is that France has two major leaks this year (Viamedis and France Travail) but everyone is already aware. So no article this time.

We’d like to write an article about this kind of rankin… but it’ll be only a remake of the worst password database[2]. Alwways be suspicious about companies (especially if they sell VPNs). We note the confusion between leaks (that have been measured) and breaks (that have been suggested) and the opaqueness of the sources and methodology. Special thanks to thos ethical hackers that were able to count 83,6 million of birthday[3] (seen on april 29th) for a population of 68 million in France.